Leading Great Teams

Jeffrey Davidson is the founder of Leading Great Teams, which focuses on leaders, who can enable or impede teams. “I want leaders to be great and teams to be even better.” But the truth, Davidson admits, is that he’s using leaders as a means to improve the lives of everyone around them. “So many leaders are overworked and overwhelmed, and sometimes if they’re self-aware, they admit they’re scared because they don’t know how to lead these teams.” Davidson discusses his two talks at Agile2018, “Hunting for Diamonds: Hiring the Very Best for Your Agile Team” with Jo Avent and “Using FEEDBACK JUJITSU to Create Accountability & Accomplish Great Work.”

“When I give [my people] feedback, it’s because I see something greater in them… it’s because I have deep compassion for them.” Davidson shares tips and techniques for both providing feedback (and why it’s so important) and tells us about the “minimum viable candidate (MVC).”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts at Agile2018 in San Diego.

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