Lean Experiments and Design Thinking for Your Backlog

David Bland, founder of Precoil, helps both startup founders and enterprise leaders rapidly find product market fit. He sat down with us to talk about using Lean experiments with Agile teams, and how to fold in design thinking as a new way to look at your backlog.

When considering what to work on, teams should look at:

  • Desirability – Do people want this?
  • Viability – Should we be working on this?
  • Feasibility – Can we do this?

However, most teams focus on “Can we do this?” and not enough on “Do we want this?” or “Should we work on this?” Bland walks us through what a discovery engine for a team looks like, how to include the customer in your feedback loop, and how to run Lean experiments to reduce uncertainty in your backlog.

Howard Sublett hosts at Agile2018 in San Diego.