Lego Serious Play for Strategy | Rob Oddi

Rob Oddi Change management expert and consultant, facilitator of Lego Serious Play, a facilitated thinking and problem-solving technique used by diverse organizations like NASA, the United Nations, Google, Fedex, and New Balance. It may seem silly at first but, according to Rob, many organizations agree that “the traditional ways of doing strategy are not working.” Research suggests that your hands are connected to up to 90% of the brain cells, so getting your hands involved in strategizing, via Lego Serious Play for example, engages more of your brain power. It also helps players unleash their creativity and their metaphor abilities. It’s easy to think of using Legos to represent a tower, but how about a marriage? The conversations built around the resulting 3D models takes on another dimension and enables people to get deeper into a problem, as well as potential solutions.

The one rule of Lego Serious Play? You can never question the builder; you can only question the model.

SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse (with her whirlygig) hosts at Change Management 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.