Mary Connor Talks DocOps – Documentation at the Speed of Agile at Keep Austin Agile 2016

What is Agile documentation? For lots of Agilists the term seems counterintuitive since Agile doesn’t do documentation. Instead Agile tends to find other ways of ensuring users are constantly delighted. In this episode of Agile Amped, Mary Connor argues that Agile documentation can be beneficial. She introduces the concept of a one-touch doc: a piece of writing that is true to the best of the creator’s knowledge at that point in time and that may be helpful to other people but isn’t maintained ad infinitum.

Sometimes you may need to create a document that will be maintained forever and ever, Amen. In this case you have to ask yourself the hard question: what is actually needed? This means leaving out unnecessary stuff and nice-to-haves and abandoning gold-plating of the content. You have to do the just barely good enough, which can break the technical writer’s heart, but this bare-bones approach is much more Agile.

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile 2016.