Matt Barcomb sez: “I Like Big Budgets and I Cannot Lie!”

But, really, if your organization is like most and is still operating under some grandiose “big master plan” (which is really just a big bad lies, since plans change quickly and frequently), then Matt Barcomb invites you to consider a more flow-based roadmapping approach that’s more fluid and fits better with reality. Matt touches on the Lean principles (just in time, work in progress, etc.) that guide flow-based roadmapping, which is the topic of his conference presentation, to be delivered with Cat Swetel.

Matt Barcomb has over 18 years of experience as a product development leader who takes a pragmatic, systems approach to change. He partners with organizations to help leadership teams develop & deploy strategy as well as optimize product management & development. Matt enjoys challenging mental models, simplifying the seemingly complex, and uncovering the “why” behind the “what”.

And he spits at least one rhyme in this podcast, while SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts.

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