Mindfulness Meditation & Resiliency | Wendy Quan

Return guest, Wendy Quan is the founder of The Calm Monkey and has made mindful meditation both her life and her career. After a brush with cancer, Wendy began using mindful meditation to help her through the treatment process. After returning the work place, she began sharing her practices with colleagues, with great success. Today Wendy’s career is dedicated to helping companies tap into the business benefits of clearer thinking. Research acknowledges that mindful meditation results in better clarity of mind, decision-making and dealing with others. “It can be something as simple as having a moment of quiet before a big meeting starts… even for thirty seconds or a minute.”

This is Wendy’s fifth time attending the Change Management conference and this year she is presenting on integrating mindfulness meditating with change management to become more resilient. She also a provides an overview of her 15-minute guided meditation “Dealing with Change.”

SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts at Change Management 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

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