Outcome Over Output – Don’t Be a Backlog Lumberjack

Kalpesh Shah is an Enterprise Agile Coach and self-proclaimed Culture Hacker at IntraEdge Agile Solutions, and his experience has demonstrated that, despite the widespread adoption of Agile frameworks, many teams are simply going through the motions like “backlog lumberjacks” who chop up their story/logs without concern for what happens before or after their part in the value stream. Shah challenges you to ask your teams questions (and compare your findings with Shah’s), including:

  • Where are your backlog stories coming from?
  • What happens before a story makes it into a backlog?
  • What happens after release?

Shah admits that when he heard some of the answers (e.g., “Stories come from JIRA”; “The Product Owner consults the oracle”; “Production support happens”), “I died a little inside… These teams have been Agile for a while!” But the problem is pervasive and indicative that many organizations are using Agile without being Agile. Shah offers advice for helping teams and indeed the larger organization to connect with users and get more of the value of Agile.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile 2018 in Austin, Texas.