Outcomes over Outputs with OKR | Business Agility Series

Author and speaker Felipe Castro is joined by Elsevier Portfolio Director Ian Harvey to discuss how the Dutch publishing and analytics multinational used OKR to bring agility into their goal-setting and strategy alignment.

One major obstacle in setting goals and measuring progress, Castro argues, that when you encounter a problem, you go into problem-solving mode: “Having ideas makes you feel good… and often we don’t go back to measure if that brilliant idea is working.” People get attached to solving problems, rather than achieving outcomes – something OKRs help to address.

Another problem is siloes. “What OKRs help you to do,” Harvey says, “is break through silos by sharing objectives and key results amongst teams… If they share OKRs between them, that’s when you can start to see dramatic results.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Emilia Breton hosts.

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