Prateek Singh and Dan Vacanti on Ultimate Kanban and No Estimates at Agile2016

Ultimate Kanban?? The name combines Ultimate Software’s flavor and also a stricter-than-traditional adherence to Kanban. The question often arises: “Do any Agile teams actually do Kanban?” Ultimate Software’s Prateek Singh and ActionableAgile CEO Dan Vacanti share their experiences concentrating on flow-of-value systems as well as ditching story estimation. According to Prateek, rather than estimate, Ultimate teams might ask, “Based on historical data, can this be done (for example) in ten days or less?” If it can, then start working on it; if not, then break it up. The duo presented on “Scaling Without Frameworks – Ultimate Software Experience Report”.

Mandy Ross from Sococo, SolutionsIQ partner, hosts at Agile2016 in Atlanta, GA.

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