Rebecca Wirfs-Brock is “Being Agile About Architecture Qualities” with Agile Amped at AATC2016

Emergent architecture is all well and good but, as Rebecca Wirfs-Brock puts it, “sometimes what emerges out of the swamp… may not be what you want, in terms of scalability or performance or reliability.” Rebecca has a passion for ensuring that the often complex requirements used to define what companies want actually yields the software architecture and quality that they expect. Rebecca’s session at the Agile Alliance Technical Conference is a workshop called “Being Agile about Architectural Qualities” and she shares with Agile Amped what she hopes it will accomplish.

Rebecca Wirfs-Brock is a self-defined “design geek who invented Responsibility-Driven Design and the xDriven meme.” She is keen about team effectiveness, communicating complex requirements, software quality, pragmatic TDD, and techniques for architecting and reducing risk on agile projects and programs.

SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts.

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