Rhiannon Cooke & Donna Brighton Celebrate ACMP’s Fifth Anniversary with Agile Amped

The ACMP Change Management Conference celebrated its fifth year in 2016. Donna Brighton, ACMP President, and Rhiannon Cooke, ACMP Vice President, graced Agile Amped with their presence to share their thoughts on the occasion as well as discuss how the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) and the annual Change Management conference have grown since both were conceived in 2011.

A key component to the explosive growth of the association and the need for change management globally is the standardization of professional change management practices. The ACMP worked tirelessly to produce the Standards for Change Management according to ISO standards and, to foster continued growth and fellowship throughout the change management community, the standard is available for free directly from their website (acmpglobal.org).

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