Richard Lawrence Finds the First Slice for Agile Amped at Mile High Agile 2016

There’s always room for pie, right? Well, this isn’t that kind of slice. Richard Lawrence introduces Agile Amped to a concept he calls feature mining, which he uses to “find the first slice” of work to do on a project. Feature mining asks four important questions of the group of the “right” people (i.e., people who can actually contribute to the solution of the problem at hand):

1. What makes it valuable?
2. Why is it big (and why don’t we just go build it this afternoon)?
3. Where is the risk?
4. Where is the uncertainty?

For each question, participants generate a list of answers. Then the group brainstorms different ways to slice the lists. (Surprisingly, answers tend to jump out at participants at this point.) Then comes the hard part: actually doing the work involved in the agreed-upon first slice.

Richard Lawrence trains and coaches teams and organizations to become happier and more productive. Richard is one of a handful of Scrum Alliance Certified Enterprise Coaches and is a certified trainer of the accelerated learning method, Training from the Back of the Room.

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts.

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