Ron & Chet Have an Agile Revolution in Mind

Agile pioneers Ron Jeffries and Chet Hendrickson take us on a roller-coaster ride – in a DeLorean! – through the pervasion of Agile, the evils of meeting big companies where they are, the next evolution of Agile, and treating programmers with human decency, all in the “right side lounge”! Not sure what that means? Neither are we, but we learned a lot and you will, too. Need more incentive? How about these quotes:

  • “You’re not doing Agile until your teams are shipping software every two weeks.”
  • “I have in mind a revolution.”
  • “What is Agile 2.0? It’s teal biomimicry.”
  • “We coded live during the keynote to prove that we could do it.”
  • “Everything I learned about Agile, I learned through pair programming.”