Round Table Roulette – Agile2018

Time for another episode of Round Table Roulette! We’re laying out some questions and other prompts for our guests – Ben Kopel, Faye Thompson, and Susan DiFabio – to answer and comment on. Recorded in San Diego at Agile2018 with our host, Howard Sublett. Here’s what our guests had to wrestle with:

  • How do you explain what you do to strangers? Or how do you explain it to your grandmother
  • What book would you recommend?
    • Faye: “Age of Agile” by Steve Denning; Daniel Coils “Culture Code” – outside Agile – “Freakonomics” series
    • Susan: started a book club with “Leading Teams” by Richard Hackman; Daniel Pink’s “Drive”; “Crucial Conversations”
    • Ben: recently read “Leading Change” and “Slack”
  • What social problems are businesses too afraid to address?
    • Businesses treat humans as resources.
    • Being compassionate at work and in business.
  • Number one advice to a new Agile coach.
    • Work on listening.
    • Get yourself a coach.
    • Understand coaching stances – because coaching is not just giving advice.
    • Be patient.
    • Get the right people involved – don’t try to solve the problem yourself.

And more!

Our interviewees mention April Wensel’s presentation on compassionate business, which we captured in our podcast “Compassion in Business and Tech.”