Sandra Johnson is Retooling Demo Experiences to be More Fun and Valuable

Sandra Johnson is a Release Train Engineer in the healthcare-IT industry. She started as a waterfall PM a few years and jumped at the opportunity to become a ScrumMaster in her company’s SAFe implementation when she realized “there needed to be an easier way to get things done.” She is appreciative of the coaching and guidance that Agile Amped host and SolutionsIQ SAFe consultant Scott Frost provided her years ago. Today she attributes a large part of the success to having buy-in from the leadership level (from the VP level down). Executives attend team training sessions and happily finance the entire transformation.

Sandra also shares how she has brought the fun back into demos, which can get boring. Sandra collaborated with other SMs to retool the entire demo experience, based on what POs decided were the most valuable outcomes from the ceremony. The working group tapped into their own talents (e.g., audio-visual experience) as well as the personalities of their team members to make it interesting, for example through role play or skits.

If Sandra had advice for new ScrumMasters, it would be to grow some thick skin and to encourage people bringing problems to also come ready with possible solutions.

SolutionsIQ SAFe consultant Scott Frost hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado.

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