Sandy Schwan Offers 3 Key Lessons for Leading from the Edge of Change at ACMP2016

Sandy Schwan has decades of academic and hands-on experience in change management. Traditional approaches to change management have changed over the years and Sandy is excited to see how Agile will change it further. In particular, she thinks mobile technology engages individuals to study and learn (and change) at a more personal, smaller scale, which conflicts with traditional change management approaches but fits with Agile change management.

Sandy is particularly passionate about how leaders drive change. To leaders enacting an organizational change, She offers three key lessons in her workshop, “Leading from the Edge of Change”:

  1. People are watching you and are paying attention. What leaders do (especially body language) makes a huge difference in the success of a change initiative.
  2. Choose your words carefully and repeat these key messages 6-12 times.
  3. Give people time to un-learn before they learn. Announcing that the change must happen doesn’t make it happen; people make it happen.
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