Scott Killen to the Devil on Your Shoulder: “Zip It!” at KAA2016

Scott Killen, founder and previous President of Agile Austin as well as the Agile Practice Leader for PayPal, sits down with Agile Amped at Keep Austin Agile 2016. His session at the conference isn’t scandalous at all with its title “Backlog Managers: Beware the Devil on Your Shoulder!” The concept behind it is that approaches that Product Owners and other “backlog managers” employ (or don’t) affect the team effectiveness. Scott shares his three tips for Product Owners to keep in mind when managing their backlogs:

  1. Stories enter the backlog as a problem or need and exit as a solution.
  2. Stakeholders change over the lifecycle of a user story, starting with individuals on the business side and seguing over to those from the development side.
  3. Working with stakeholders to evolve a problem into a solution is “where the magic happens”.

SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Keep Austin Agile 2016

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