Sococo CEO Cliff Pollan: Telecommuting in the 80s and Purple Rain at Agile2016

As CEO of Sococo Cliff Pollan knows a thing or two about telecommuting. His first experience with it was back in 1980 when he worked in Minnesota out of the First Bank Produce building, right across the street from where Prince shot Purple Rain. At the time, the only technology that was available was the telephone, and there was no voicemail or email. Cliff spent a lot of time on airplanes “commuting” between home and work to maintain strong ties and get work done.

Cliff’s telecommuting experiences made it clear how important interpersonal connections are to effective work. Now as the CEO of Sococo, an online office platform, Cliff is able to realize the value of Agile by enabling more face-to-(virtual)face interactions, so that distributed teams can be more productive without devoting so much time to telecommuting.

Mandy Ross from Sococo, SolutionsIQ partner, hosts at Agile2016 in Atlanta, GA.

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