Stacy Aaron Expects Resistance and Works With It at ACMP2016

Stacy Aaron is surprised when she encounters change agents who are themselves surprised by the resistance they face when implementing change. After 20 years of experience as a change leader, Stacy has come to expect resistance and to learn from it. She says there are motivating forces behind resistance to change, a common one being a fear of loss of control. Sometimes, she notes, the strongest resistors have misinformation and, when invited into the change program as an active contributor, these people who once only voiced concerns suddenly become change advocates. Stacy also touches on cultural that can help or hinder change, because a company’s values can directly conflict with the change goal, which makes achieving that change all the more difficult.

Stacy Aaron has 25 years of business and academic experience specializing in change management, marketing and organizational behavior. Stacy, with her partner Kate, founded Change Guides in 2005 and co-authored two popular books on organizational change management, The Change Management Pocket Guide and The Eight Constants of Change.

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