Stories From a Coach on the Other Side of the Desk -Brian Bozzuto at Agile 2015

What is it like to to be the manager you once tried to coach?

After several years working as an Agile consultant, Brian Bozzuto made a change: from client to customer. He went from being an Agile coach to Director of Product Development for an Agile company. Brian talks about the differences between the two roles and how his experience in the former enriched that of the latter. Of interest: Brian as director learned the hard way that there’s good reason that the general flow puts adopting Scrum–which is more regimented and less latitude in terms of work process–before adopting Kanban–which puts power into team member hands, for better or for worse. In this particular case, several contributing factors made skipping over Scrum and implementing Kanban directly somewhat detrimental to the teams and their delivery. Namely, some of the team members were still new, not very disciplined and/or, dealing with changing from a traditional product delivery model to an Agile one, wanted to be told what to do, which direction to go in, etc. The “freedom” that Kanban gives teams also requires discipline and good decision-making skills. And, as Brian put it, “it was just one more thing… that I don’t think they were ready to deal with.”

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