Strangling Monoliths: Modernizing Legacy Systems

How much of your core and legacy systems are keeping your organization from seizing market opportunities and differentiating their business? Director of Pivotal Labs Sydney, David Julia, offers advice on how companies can deprecate, modernize and get more value out of monolithic legacy systems that are often where the heart of each business beats. One way is the strangler approach where you iteratively decommission legacy apps and start “to cut bits of your monolithic application off and gracefully retire that.”

Julia also recounts the real-life story of how one team successfully rewrote a legacy health insurance system so complex that a tiny mistake could put millions of dollars at risk. His advice for businesses looking to modernize their legacy systems is “Start small. Build quality into your system. Evolve your systems over time.”

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Adam Asch hosts at Agile Australia in Sydney.