Strength, Flexibility and Balance in the Body – and in Business

Senior Director of Technology at Pivotal and co-founder of Puppet, Andrew Clay Shafer, has been evangelizing DevOps practices and tools before “DevOps” was even a word. While Shafer has spent over a decade helping people deliver software by improving their process and technology using an Lean-Agile mindset and scientific methodology, he also used these to help himself improve his own health. Shafer draws an analogy between his own journey to increase his physical “strength, flexibility and balance” and the DevOps mantra “CALMS” – Culture, Automation, Lean, Measurements and Sharing – that IT orgs must also strive for, in order to reap the benefits of DevOps.

Accenture’s Keith Pleas hosts at the DevOps Enterprise Summit 2018 in Las Vegas.