Supporting Leadership Through Change | Suz O’Donnell

Suz O’Donnell, Executive Change Advisor with Thrivatize, has a call to action for leaders in two parts: 1) slow down to speed up and 2) figure out what a change means to you before you bring it to your team. When it comes to lasting change (as in Agile transformation), it isn’t enough to simply forward an email. Leaders need to understand how the change will affect them, as well as their careers and families even. It’s also important for leaders to customize the change messaging for their reports and teams and really focus on the engagement of their employees and customers. Says Suz, “If you’re not engaging your employees, they’re not engaging your customers.” Furthermore, pushing the change process to go faster may actually impede progress. Slowing down to speed up may mean leaders pursuing professional advisory coaching, which Suz says, “dramatically increases the speed of adoption and implementation.”

SolutionsIQ’s Kat Conner hosts at Change Management 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.