Susan Farago Works to Create Certifications that Objectively Measure Human Behavior

Certification Program Manager Susan Farago is new to Scaled Agile, but she’s been in the certification and credentialing industry for almost two decades. Susan works to create certification programs to train people and “also measure what they know”, especially when it comes to new offerings like SAFe Release Train Engineer certification, a critical role in SAFe implementations. Certification often gets a bad rap because, at the onset, quality (e.g., depth of knowledge) isn’t always a focus. But Susan argues, in recent years, “we’ve gotten a lot smarter about what we’re testing, and how.” Even so, training and certification for hardware and software are much easier to do — not so with human behavior, which can be “squishy and messy”.

SolutionsIQ’s Evan Campbell hosts at SAFe Summit 2016 in Denver, Colorado.