Techonomy CEO on the Impact of Technology on Business and Society

In a world of fake news, where automation is threatening jobs, Josh Kampel remains a techno-optimist. In this episode, the CEO of Techonomy Media shares his views on how organizations can get more value out of technological innovations and disruptions by taking time to understand deeply what they stand for as a company, and what value they provide to their customers and the world at large. Because legacy technological baggage isn’t the only thing keeping big organizations from reaping the benefits of new tech: “It’s [also] culture, people, it’s real estate, it’s infrastructure…”

Kampel shares his views on the successes, struggles, failures and opportunities that companies face today and compare them to what other companies have experienced in the past. Kampel insists that CEOs cannot be the only ones leading the charge to transform organizations: the board needs to get involved, as well as the people who work in the organization and are the living breathing representations of that company’s culture.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Global Managing Director of Innovation Max Furmanov hosts.

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