The Evolution of Agile with Shane Hastie at Agile 2015

As a member of the Agile Alliance board,  Shane Hastie is happy to have witnessed the growth of the Agile industry’s largest conference. He’s also happy to see that many of the new attendees are from the government sector. As Shane puts it, “If there’s a sector of the economy that really needs Agility, it’s government.”

SoftEd’s Chief Knowledge Engineer and InfoQ’s Lead Editor for Agile discusses with Agile Amped how there have been two waves of Agile adoption. First were the early adopters who plunged right in–but then stumbled for lack of fully committing to Agile. “Many of the Agile transformations have not achieved the outcomes we’re looking for,” because of halfhearted attempts to implement Agile–“and that doesn’t work.” Now we’re seeing a second wave of Agile adoption from these same organizations, which are asking themselves and our industry, “How do we do it properly?” Have a listen as Shane delves a little deeper.

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