To TDD or Not to TDD, That is the Question

First off, Mark Waite is a test-driven development (TDD) proponent. But – and hear him out – TDD may not actually be needed every single time you write code. Waite shares his discovery that the developers of Git – the leading version control system today – didn’t use any tests during the first year or so of development. But why? Waite argues that testing is a quality assurance measure – and sometimes you don’t care about things like longevity, breaking the code, or even shoddy value. For example, “Sometimes I need a tool to do something once” and never again. He goes on to point out that TDD is most useful when there is significant risk, or you need to understand the code better, or when there is a benefit to intentional variation.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Howard Sublett hosts at Mile High Agile in Denver, Colorado.

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