Too Much WIP? Destroy Your Backlog

The struggle to limit work in progress is not a new one. It’s a constant balance between our desire to get more done and avoiding employee burnout. It happens at all levels of the organization. Often strategic initiatives stem from a good place – leadership wants to do the right thing – but, as our guest Eric Willeke puts it, “A single piece of strategic WIP equals hundreds to thousands of pieces of individual WIP.”  

As the Founder and a Principal at, he knows how hard it is to be an effective leader who limits his WIP. As a consultant and someone who cares about humanity, he wants to relieve the strain and stress that people suffer from as a result of their work. 

Willeke offers three strategies for reducing WIP across an organization and three tactics for getting started. You’ll love the first tactic: “Destroy your backlog.” 

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Leslie Morse hosts at Agile2019 in Washington, D.C.