Tools and Techniques for Agile Leaders

Lean Agile leadership has recently been added as one of the five core competencies in a lean enterprise SAFe framework. Agile leaders of today need to drive and sustain operational excellence and organizational change.

According to agile coaches, Áine Lane and Nalin Lad, this is achieved by inspiring people to reach their full potential. “As a change leader you can actually action and work in the space, and drive the improvement,” says Lane. Behavioral change is essential for leaders who wish to coach and teach others to do the same. Lad calls this “unlearning at a corporate level” – where understanding how you got here won’t help to get you going forward.

Lad and Lane discuss six areas to use specific tools and techniques to work in an agile way. These tools serve to expand the thinking of everyone in the team and challenges the existing way things are done.

Accenture | SolutionsIQ’s Scott Frost hosts at the European SAFe Summit in The Hague, Netherlands.