Tuba Kuklen Quantifies the Human Aspect of Change with Agile Amped at ACMP2016

Tuba Kuklen knows that people are uncomfortable with the human aspects of change. But Tuba is working to turn that touchy-feely stuff into data that stakeholders up and down the organization can embrace. Technology is particularly difficult, she says, because people tend to race through decisions about technology without considering how it will likely affect people and their processes. Another important aspect of lasting change: engaged leadership and sponsors. Equipped with data about how much the people affected by a change underway understand it, change leaders can help demonstrate how important it is for leaders to be involved in individual transformations as well as the overall organizational transformation.

Tuba Kuklen is Executive Director/ Performance Improvement Director at Central Transaction Operations (CTO) for JPMorgan Chase & Co. since 2012. Tuba is responsible for developing new programs to expand Operational Excellence capabilities in CTO and leading Organizational Change Management team to manage people side of change.

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