Wendy Quan Finds the Business Value of Pairing Mindful Meditation with Change Management at ACMP2016

More and more people are practicing mindfulness meditation in their personal lives. Over the last six years, Wendy Quan has found that “bringing this into the workplace can really make a powerful difference to how people build their resiliency to change and have a different perspective of what’s going on in their lives.” Wendy has been working to help organizations recognize the value of incorporating meditation into the business because of the business value it can provide. In particular, Wendy’s research has demonstrated that mindfulness meditation can help businesses execute their change initiatives more effectively by helping people mindfully consider their individual impact on the change “in the safety of their mind”. She asks powerful questions to engage individuals in the change process including: Can you describe the change in one sentence? Can you describe what would happen if you didn’t take part in the change? What repercussions might there be. Wendy even offers an example of how to implement such a program!