What’s Your Change Intelligence (CQ)? | Barbara Trautlein

Change Intelligence (CQ) is evidenced by how people approach change. It’s also the title of Barbara Trautlein’s book and cultivating it in others is her life’s work. Barbara offers an easy-to-use paradigm for determining whether a person uses their heart, head or hands to effect change, and she identifies the strengths and weakness of each approach. Change agents who lead from the heart connect with people more readily but may have difficulty challenging others to surpass themselves. Change agents who lead from the head are visionaries, strategists with brilliant ideas but may lack the ability to tactically enact change. Finally, change agents who lead from the hands who can quickly come up with the, tactics, tools and process, but this can frequently become an obstacle where leading from the heart or head would be better.

Barbara also shares how resistance in an organization may be less about people resisting change and more about how leaders are leading. “What looks like resistance in others is information that a change leader can use” to determine whether they need to engage more of their heart (e.g., by building trust), their heads (e.g., by clarifying the vision) or their hands (e.g., by removing obstacles or providing tools/training).

SolutionsIQ’s Kat Conner hosts at Change Management 2017 in New Orleans, Louisiana.