3 Reasons to Be Excited About Agile This Fall!


The trees changing color is usually top of the list of reasons to love fall, while crummy weather is right there are the bottom. Luckily we have three more reasons for you to love this fall (and to get out of bed when the rain and clouds sap your motivation)!

  1. SAFe Partner Summit (Denver, CO)
  2. Southern Fried Agile (Charlotte, NC)
  3. Lean Startup Week 2016 Livestream (Chicago, IL)

That means more of your favorite Agile Amped podcasts!

SAFe Summit 2016

We’re excited our partnership with Scaled Agile has continued to grow and this year we will be capturing all the action at the SAFe Summit conference! This conference aims to provide a place where SAFe practitioners, coaches and thought leaders can share their knowledge and thus create a richer experience for the entire industry. Agile Amped will sit down with many of the speakers and event panelist, so if you’ve got SAFe on the brain, don’t forget to subscribe (below)! Follow the action with #SAFeSummit and @ScaledAgile!

Southern Fried Agile

What’s not to love about an Agile conference that spends the day helping Agilists connect and share knowledge fried chicken? Agile Amped will be on site at Southern Fried Agile, speaking to the industry’s leading thinkers including several of our own consultants. Here’s what you can expect from our speakers:

The list of speakers features many new voices as well as some crowd-pleasers that have already graced the Agile Amped podcast, including Christopher Avery, Kent Graziano and keynote Esther Derby. Don’t forget to check out @sthnfriedagile to see what’s happening before, during and after the event!