A Guided Tour of the New SolutionsIQ.com!

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new website! After two months of hard work and dedication, we are delighted to officially release the finished product today. Our goal with this new website is to provide our visitors an easier way to learn about SolutionsIQ: our community, our solutions and services, and how we can help clients achieve the organizational capabilities that together unlock business agility. The story driving our new website experience is client-focused. All throughout the process, we asked ourselves crucial questions including:

  • How do we help our clients identify where they are on their Agile journey and where they want to be?
  • What capabilities will enable our clients to thrive in a continuously changing business world?
  • How can we convey the need for our clients to continue growing in an easy-to-access manner?

Client-Centric Flow

SolutionsIQ is in the business of helping our clients adapt at the pace of change. For us, the only viable approach to continuous, long-term, organization-wide adaptability is becoming a learning organization. Furthermore, we believe business agility is the embodiment of a learning organization culture demonstrated in:

  • The ability to deliver high-quality, market-driven products fast and responsively
  • An organization that approaches the entire value stream with an Agile mindset
  • Leadership that is effective at empowering people and championing change
  • The ability to innovate products, services and even business models, thus disrupting existing markets and creating new ones

Guided by powerful client-centric questions and a view of the future, we envisioned — and have now delivered — a completely refreshed experience offering a flow from capabilities achieved via solutions driven by services.

Capabilities are the active outcomes that leading businesses must be able to execute:

Solutions are the means by which SolutionsIQ helps our clients develop specific capabilities:

Services are the hands-on, deep-dive experiences composing each solution, where our consultants, coaches and trainers work closely with individuals and teams to achieve real results, both through simulations and by working on real-world problems.

Inherent in our assumptions is a foundational truth:

  • No organization can innovate and disrupt markets without first adapting its organization and culture (in particular, its approach to leadership, management and governance);
  • No organization can adapt itself to deliver optimal customer value without first being able to deliver high-quality products and services fast and responsively;

Therefore, to unlock business agility and thus become a learning organization capable of surviving and thriving in the digital age, organizations must walk the path to business agility. This interactive graphic shows how lower-order solutions are embedded in higher-order solutions:

The Path to Business Agility


Community Emphasis

Of equal importance to us at SolutionsIQ is the Agile community, whom we aspire to inspire and connect with daily. The Agile community and industry has continued to evolve in the past few years and we have been fortunate to witness this evolution. This was major motivator for our decision to refresh our website, in particular a few key areas:


We’ve refreshed our resource library, where you can find the latest and greatest Agile resources, including our community favorite podcast series Agile Amped, which has thousands of followers and nearly 100,000 total views on YouTube!

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Training UX

We’ve also upgraded our training experience! We are excited to offer more courses that address the tangible needs of the Agile industry, including more Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Agile Coaching Institute (ACI) courses.

Who We Are

To learn more about our company culture and meet some of our leaders, check out our new About Us page. Also our community is continuing to grow — join the movement with SolutionsIQ!

The creation of the new site and our new brand has been a journey, and we could not be prouder of the final product. Together we have accomplished something incredible, and this is only the beginning.

Questions, Comments, Feedback? Let Us Know!

With this guided tour of our new site complete, it’s your turn to look around and let us know: anything missing or out of place? Do you love it? Let us know if you have actionable feedback and ideas that we can implement or keep in mind for the future. Dig in!