Accenture | SolutionsIQ Expands Business Agility Into Europe

Today, we are taking a huge step towards strengthening our Business Agility Transformation offering. We couldn’t be more excited to announce our expansion into what we call the ASGR region, which includes Austria, Switzerland, Germany, and Russia. Expanding our brand reach and service delivery this way will help us better serve clients in the region, helping them to realize and sustain their full potential no matter how the environment changes around them.

We are proud and excited to share this announcement on the coat tails of a fantastic reception at the Business Agility Conference in beautiful Vienna, Austria. It was a moving experience to connect, sometimes for the first time, with our new colleagues from all over Europe, many coming from our new Germany headquarters in Frankfurt. The leadership in this region has already been energizing the movement in our growing Accenture | SolutionsIQ community there, in our wider, well-established Agile community all across Europe, as well as with our client base.

As we look at the ASGR market, we see many organizations turning towards Agile delivery, decreasing their time to market and fostering product innovation. We already see the innovators starting to disrupt the market and their competitors by focusing on the entire Agile enterprise, beyond just teams and IT. In the current age, there is only one way to survive in highly competitive markets: business agility. Just “doing Agile” is for the past. Agile transformation is certainly an important step on the path to business agility, but it doesn’t stop there. Our clients and community in the ASG region have been working hard to drive the movement forward and we now have a German-language website to support them!

Agile Amped Highlights from May Events in Europe

We have been hard at work capturing more podcasts with thought leaders on both sides of the “pond.” Here’s a taste.

Phil Abernathy’s 3 Key Capabilities for Agile Leaders

Clarity of purpose, control without controlling, and designing for flow – these are three capabilities that are essential for Agile leaders to possess, according to Agile trainer and coach, Phil Abernathy. “Empowered teams are more dangerous if there is no clarity…[and are] nothing more than powerful horses pulling in different directions,” says Abernathy. The difference between good companies and great companies is discipline – they are not chaotic. Complex structures will always result in complex processes and inefficient controls because leaders believe in the biggest lie – that multitasking is efficient and effective. The idea is to work on one or two things at the same time, maximum.

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Your Budgets Are Undermining Your Values – with Bjarte Bogsnes

Once upon a time, budgets were a management innovation that improved business performance. This is something that Bjarte Bogsnes knows, just as well as he knows that the budget mindset that most businesses operate with today needs to evolve – if not be replaced completely. Bogsnes champions the Beyond Budgeting movement, which might very well have been called “business agility” – because it is about so much more than just budgeting. It encompasses leadership and management, taking a holistic view of the organization and particularly casting a new light on the dysfunction of budgeting cycles. The culprit is that budgeting concerns three entangled and yet very different concepts: sales targets, forecasts, and resource allocation. ““This is problematic because it stimulates behavior that is borderline unethical – the lowballing, the gaming, the internal negotiations.” The solution is simple, even if the implementation is not: untangle the three processes and give them each individual attention.

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Carlo Bucciarelli – “This Transformation is Not Your Baby”

Agile Transformation is a collective effort requiring much work and dedication from all levels of the business. It’s no wonder that some people become very attached to it, whether it’s a VP, a coach, a manager, or team member. Carlo Bucciarelli, senior manager at Accenture, reminds us that “this transformation is not your baby.” Further, he says leaders fall into the trap of forcing top-down changes on their reports, which can create resentment in individuals and team. Because the transformation belongs to everyone in the organization – as well as the trainers, coaches, and consultants providing guidance along the way – empathy, inclusion, a powerful guiding coalition, and tons of humility are all necessary on the path to success.

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