Aggressive Scrum and Synchronized Biking with Jeff Sutherland

Jeff discusses the fact that only 39% of Scrum Teams have working software at the end of a Sprint – that means that 61% of Scrum teams are not meeting the second principle of the manifesto. This is the biggest problem with Agile today. Aggressive Scrum focuses on using Scrum practices to actually deliver value Sprint after Sprint. Like a synchronized bike team where the leader cleaves the air, a successful Scrum team follows tried-and-true principles to realize value. Agile doesn’t mean doing whatever you want; it means working together toward a common vision and producing a potentially shippable product increment at the end of every Sprint. Keeping with the bike team analogy, “the guy leading the bike team  [the ScrumMaster] is parting the resistance,” says Jeff. “And the faster they go, the more resistance there is… and the more necessary it is for the ScrumMaster to block and tackle.”