Agile Amped Greatest Hits from the Inaugural Business Agility Conference

Last week, SolutionsIQ participated in the inaugural Business Agility Conference in an effort to unite the many and varied organizations tasked with expanding Agile practices and values throughout the enterprise around a cohesive definition of Business Agility as well as approaches to achieving it. Our Agile Amped podcast series was onsite to keep the inspiring conversations going and to bring them to our readers and our followers.

Being the first ever event of its kind, Business Agility 2017 was an eye-opening, invigorating conference where professionals from all of the many departments that compose an enterprise organization, including business, IT, marketing, HR, recruiting, sales, etc. as well as the many Agile thought leaders, coaches, trainers and consultants championing the collective change to an Agile mindset. Top of mind for everyone in attendance was pinning down Business Agility, and in each of our podcasts we asked our interviewees how they defined the concept and how they would work to bring it into their individual enterprises. In his white paper “The Third Wave of Agile”, SolutionsIQ Chairman Charlie Rudd defines the two waves of Agile that have brought us to where we are now: riding the third wave of Agile, Business Agility — being able to deliver rapid value that thrills users as well as to disrupt existing markets and create new ones that solve problems that users may not even recognize yet. These are the capabilities that our Enterprise Innovation Solution aim to give organizations who have already established a rapid, responsive product delivery capability.

Bjarte Bognes Takes Us “Beyond Budgeting”

One of our favorite podcasts featured Bjarte Bogsnes author of “Implementing Beyond Budgeting – Unlocking the Performance Potential” and chairman of the Beyond Budgeting Institute. Besides discussing the history and envisioned future of the Beyond Budgeting movement, Bjarte also chats with us about something he calls management innovation. He says that, despite the fears of leadership to innovate their organization’s approach to management, “You can get great competitive advantage with [management] innovation as with product and technology innovation. And competitive advantage — that is a language that they understand.”

Business Agility is the Future of Agile

One of the most exciting things about attending and participating in Business Agility 2017 is seeing how much Agile is affecting every part of the organization. Attendees were passionate about how they were leveraging Agile approaches and thinking to problems that have plagued business, operations and support for decades — a problem that the increasing complexity in today’s day and age demands more innovative solutions. Here are some of the innovative solutions that some of our favorite Agile Amped interviewees had to share: