Agile Amped Greatest Hits – May 2018 Events

Let us count the ways that we love May: one great Agile community, two inspiring regional events, and more than a dozen new Agile Amped podcasts! We are humbled by and proud of the impactful change that this community is making in big and small ways. A huge thank you to the event coordinators that made Mile High Agile and Keep Austin Agile such great successes, bringing together hundreds of agilists – coaches, consultants, enthusiasts, learners – to co-create and share experiences and knowledge. These events serve to remind us of the power of the Agile community. That strength is needed more than ever as more companies undergo Agile transformation. The people of this community act as guides for millions around the world who don’t always understand what is so good about Agile. But this community knows, and that’s why Accenture | SolutionsIQ continues to be excited to sponsor these events!

If you couldn’t make it to Denver or Austin or simply want more reason to love being an agilist, enjoy this selection of our favorite podcasts.

Teams of Heroic Learners with Diana Larsen

Diana Larsen is the Chief Relationship Builder at the Agile Fluency Project and she has a simple compelling message: software development is learning work. Knowledge work is what everyone is talking about – but Larsen argues that learning is really what we need to be doing today. She talks about “heroic learners” – people who have the courage, compassion and confidence to learn everywhere and all the time, because as Larsen puts it, “We have to get good at learning – or we get left behind.” And this goes beyond just individuals – she discusses how teams need to learn together.


4 Steps to Change with the ITC Map

Drawing from the work of Lisa Lahey and Robert Kegan, Henry Dittmer shares his experience using the Immunity to Change (ITC) map to help participants of his session identify what is keeping them from achieving a desired change. Dittmer used the four-step ITC map to demonstrate why – paradoxically – he doesn’t like presenting at conferences. The four steps are:

  1. What One Big Thing do you want to commit to changing?
  2. What are you doing or not doing that’s keeping you from doing this thing?
  3. What worries and fears (hidden competing commitments) arise when you think about doing this thing?
  4. What assumptions make these commitments real for you?

Outcome Over Output – Don’t Be a Backlog Lumberjack

Kalpesh Shah is an Enterprise Agile Coach and self-proclaimed Culture Hacker at IntraEdge Agile Solutions, and his experience has demonstrated that, despite the widespread adoption of Agile frameworks, many teams are simply going through the motions like “backlog lumberjacks” who chop up their story/logs without no concern for what happens before or after their part in the value stream. Shah admits that when asks these questions and hears the answers (e.g., “Stories come from JIRA”; “The Product Owner consults the oracle”; “Production support happens”), “I died a little inside… These teams have been Agile for a while!” But the problem is pervasive and indicative that many organizations are using Agile without being Agile. Shah offers advice for helping teams and indeed the larger organization to connect with users and get more of the value of Agile.

 Avoiding the Product Death Cycle

At Keep Austin Agile 2018, Leon Sabarsky found himself in one of the worst time slots: the last presenter of the day, the only thing standing between attendees and Happy Hour. To counter this, Sabarsky decided to mix things up, donning a Grim Reaper outfit and wielding a scythe, which works well for his session topic “Avoiding the Product Death Cycle.” Sabarsky defines the product death cycle for us and offers sound advice for how not to wind up in it, including:

  • For app devs, find out how not to be one of the thousands of apps that are downloaded and deleted.
  • For product business and startups, come up with lots of ideas – don’t just fall in love with one because, chances are, it won’t succeed.
  • Avoid the “Next Feature” fallacy.

What’s Next?

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Next up – Agile2018 in San Diego! See you there!