Agile Amped Greatest Hits – SAFe Summit 2017

By some accounts, SAFe Summit 2017 tripled in size since last year, making this year’s second annual conference a resounding success. According to @ScaledAgile, there were “1100 attendees from 27 countries and 315 companies.” For us it was another opportunity to maintain relationships and share knowledge with the Agile transformation and scaling community. We also wanted to capture all the action with our Agile Amped podcast!

Here is a selection of our favorite podcasts along with a teaser. To see what it was like to be front and center of our booth, check out this Facebook Live video with Leslie Morse and Scott Frost!

Business Strategy, Transformation Strategy and SAFe

Transformation consultant and SAFe Fellow Eric Willeke shares his deep Lean-Agile experience with Agile Amped, focusing on the importance of ensuring organizations are guided by key results and outcomes. He points out that while many organizations are great at getting Agile Release Trains (ARTs) up and running, people doing the work have a hard time articulating how their work maps back to the bigger business strategy. Eric also highlights for us the need to clearly distinguish business strategy and transformation strategy and act accordingly. The topic of Eric’s session at SAFe Summit 2017 was “Aligning Business Strategy and Execution with the SAFe Portfolio Level.” Listen now >

Agile HR and People Operations

Fabiola Eyholzer is the CEO Just Leading Solutions, which is dedicated to a 21st century approach to HR. Says Fabiola, “The new currency for competitiveness in an organization is talent, leadership and people.” Topics include the “psychological contract” between an employer and employees, the Douglas Effect, employee retention vs. liberation, and so much more. While many believe the HR is fluffy, Fabiola provides some business motivators for evolving HR practices in today’s organizations. Listen now >

Continuous Delivery & Technical Excellence

SAFe Fellow, black belt-holder and father of two sets of twins Inbar Oren chats with Accenture’s Daniel McGlynn on several topics concerning Continuously Delivery and technical excellence, what’s next with SAFe, common challenges and myths preventing mindset shifts about Agile and development, and more! Listen now > 

SAFe Summit 2017 Round Table Roulette

Round Table Roulette time again! Our guests this time are Beth Hatter, Sally Elatta and Skip Angel and they have no idea what questions are in store for them! In this episode we answer… If a ScrumMaster were a tree, what kind of tree would they be? What’s a favorite aha moment for you or your team? What’s an example of a time when Agile didn’t apply? How about the worst conference food you’ve ever had? And so much more!

Our favorite quote from this episode has to be by Sally: “You can use all of Agile sometimes and some of Agile all the time.” Listen now >

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