Agile Transformation: Some of What This Agile Coach Has Learned

I had the pleasure of “meeting” my online friend Daniel Markham this week. We had an interesting talk about agile transformation and agile coaching. We still need to shake hands someday but recording a conversation is still pretty great!

Agile Transformation, Agile Coaching, and Everything

In an unscripted interview, Daniel hit me with some difficult questions about life as an agile coach. We spent a good bit of time talking about the challenges of an agile transformation.

Agile Transformation & Agile Coach

We discussed some of the reasons agile is not just about teams and delivery. And we spent some time on how transforming a company means transforming everyone, not just the technology people.

Daniel Markham Interview With Alan Dayley from Daniel B Markham on Vimeo.

I thank Daniel for the opportunity and for asking difficult questions. Daniel’s post of the interview video has good summary information as well.

If you heard something that intrigues, inspires or perturbs you, let’s continue the conversation!