Join us at Agile2014

Agile2014Agile2014 gold sponsor is the premier international conference for the Agile industry, and SolutionsIQ is a Gold Sponsor this year. This conference is a unique opportunity to explore the full depth and breadth of Agile techniques and approaches, practical applications, technologies, policies, theories, and research. You’ll be able to meet experts, innovators, and authors as they share their experiences and expertise. You’ll take home actionable knowledge, valuable contacts, and the inspiration you need to make your Agile initiative a success.

SolutionsIQ is in booth304, so come talk to us!

Featured Sessions

Raising Agility: Bringing Up the Next Generation of Thought Leaders

Presented by Daniel Gullo

Tuesday, July 29 at 2:00pm

We have crossed the chasm with Agile adoption and are well into the pragmatist and conservative phase. What about the world of education and our world of work tomorrow?

Agile Transformation: A Personal, First-Hand Account

Presented by John Rudd and Charlie Rudd

Tuesday, July 29 at 3:45pm

This first-hand account of an Agile transformation describes how Agile changed the owner-operators of SolutionsIQ, as well as the company itself.

Who Killed Agile?

Presented by Dhaval Panchal

Wednesday, July 30 at 10:45am

If you are passionate about avoiding common Agile transformation pitfalls and learning about focusing on signals vs. noise, this interactive and fun session is for you.

Lambda The Extreme: Test-Driving a Functional Language

Presented by Tim Myer

Wednesday, July 30 at 2:00pm

Explore the various testing DSLs available in Scala for elegantly specifying your intent and cultivating your design through tests.

Active Portfolio Management

Presented by John Rudd

Thursday, July 31 at 9:00am

This session is an introduction to tools that help portfolio managers not only survive but thrive under conditions of high business uncertainty.