Amplified Conversations at Agile2019

August felt like a podcast-recording marathon for me – and I am so honored to have had such inspiring conversations with amazing speakers, thought leaders and all-around cool people. In addition to our popular Agile Amped podcast series, we are now collecting and recording more powerful, exciting and educational stories for our new Women in Agile podcast series.

All in all, we recorded sixteen new Agile Amped podcasts on site in Washington, D.C., with incredible speakers like author Chris Bailey and Agile stalwarts like Diana Larsen and Michael Hamman. We also recorded a Women in Agile podcast with the Agile2019 Women in Agile keynote speaker Stephanie Thomas. The other two keynote speakers, Lynne Cazaly and Portia Tung, are featured in the Women in Agile podcast – so I count myself privileged to have interviewed and learned from all three Agile2019 keynote speakers this year. (And there’s even more in store for you, so make sure to subscribe!)

Being part of sharing the wisdom of our Agile community and amplifying important topics of conversations is one of my favorite things I get to do within this organization. If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the episodes yet, let me tease you with what you’re missing. And, if you’re one of the folks that have taken the time to listen, I invite you go to rate and review the new Women in Agile Podcast series on iTunes. While you’re there, you can also leave some love for the Agile Amped series on iTunes too.

Lynne Cazaly, “Ish and the Life-Changing Practice of Good Enough” (Women in Agile)

Since recording with Lynne, I’ve become more acutely aware of how perfectionism shows up in my life and in the lives of others around me. While it didn’t explicitly come up in this episode, I’m now noticing how the areas of my life where I find myself procrastinating are actually a signal of my quest for perfectionism. Listening to this episode should bring you in touch with the idea that getting something done, even if it isn’t “perfect” in your eyes, is better than getting nothing done at all. And the odds are that the people you’re working in service of are going to be grateful for it no matter what.


Portia Tung, “Five Characteristics of a Playful Leader” (Women in Agile)

This episode is one of my recent favorites! Recording this podcast with Portia was only one of my interactions with her. I also had the change to visit with her face-to-face at the Women in Agile event at Agile2019. I loved that her candor, passion, and authenticity from the episode (which we recorded virtually) was also present when you sat at a table with her. As with many other podcast recordings, Portia dropped a line that really hit home for me. She referenced the Wayne Dyer quote, “You can’t give away what you don’t have.” That has become a new guiding principle for how I lead and coach others.


Stephanie Thomas, “Cur8able Founder on Fashion Styling for People with Disabilities” (Women in Agile)

As the keynote speaker at the Women In Agile event before Agile2019, Stephanie had us captivated with the story of her personal journey. She brought home the fact that there is inequality with fashion when she had all of us stand up for a moment and then sit back down. Then, she asked for a raise of hands to indicate how many of us adjusted our clothing at some point during that 3-4 second activity. I’m pretty sure every hand went up. Proof that clothing is not designed for seated body types. What resonated most for me is how Stephanie’s work is truly informed by the voice of the customer. The first Agile principle states, “Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer”, and Stephanie strives to do this in her work by providing functional, safe (healthy), easy, and fashion-forward options for those with disabilities.


Chris Bailey, “Hyperfocus: Be More Productive in a World of Distraction” (Agile Amped)

Of all the Agile2019 episodes, I probably had the most fun recording this one with Chris Bailey. He had me in stitches during our prep conversation and, as you’ll hear, there was lots of laughter during the episode. Through the lightness and humor, you can’t help but be struck by his incredible level of intelligence about the science behind productivity. In a society that produces more than 1.2 million pieces of social media content each day, finding ways to get around distraction is critical for our focus, productivity, and our overall well-being.


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