An Overview of Agile Portfolio Management

Back in August, I presented the topic of managing portfolios using an Agile mindset at the Agile2014 conference held in Orlando, Florida. I wanted to share that presentation with our readership here as well, as a holiday treat, if you will.

At SolutionsIQ we call the service we offer to our clients “Agile Portfolio Management”, but others in the community call it “Agile Portfolio Management”. Whatever you call it, it’s a way of actively and dynamically assessing the ROI of your portfolios to ensure that you are making some return, first off, and second mitigating unnecessary risk.

Here is my presentation on Agile Portfolio Management in its entirety followed by the accompanying slides:

I also take a different perspective of the matter in this interview with Dave Prior of ProjectsAtWork. For more information about our Active Portfolio Management service, contact us using the form below.