Become more fluent in Agile development practices

Become more fluent in Agile development practicesHow many bugs did you have in your last release? Did it meet your expectations?  One of our teams was just part of a major, multi-month release. We had zero bugs.

One of our senior developers told me if they have one bug escape a sprint, that is probably one too many.  Is <1 bug per sprint part of your expectations?

The way you get to quality is with the right mix of technical and management processes. Lots of companies use Scrum these days. Fewer use Extreme Programming (XP). XP practices include automated testing, pair programming, simple design and refactoring. We know these practices work. But the reality is that they have to be embraced by the team.

But how does a developer come to know that there is a better way than what he or she does today?  Books are great, but hands-on training is key. It is amazing to me how few developers get technical training. Maybe it is that the good folks are so busy that time off is painful to management. We are trying to break this logjam by offering free Agile developer training across the U.S. on a Friday through Sunday, similar to the popular “No Fluff” conferences.

It takes some commitment, but we believe exposure to these practices will start teams on a path to zero bugs.

If you have a strong interest in learning or improving your expertise in XP, as well as prior professional experience in Object-Oriented Programming in Java or .NET, you can learn more and apply here.

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