Build a Learning Journey on the Way to Agile Mastery

It’s been an exciting time since our SolutionsIQ team joined Accenture last year. From my perspective, the best part has been the opportunity to dramatically expand our ability to reach individuals on their Agile learning journey. We’re truly bringing together the best minds in Agile and all of the adjacent disciplines that amplify Agile enterprises.

Some of the best collaborative work we have going on right now is the extension of our training services to align with the ICAgile learning roadmap. As more Agile learning opportunities become available in the market, we believe it’s important to serve the community by providing opportunities to reach true mastery in Agile. A week doesn’t go by when we’re not answering questions like, “I’ve been a ScrumMaster for three years, what should I do to take my skills to the next level?” Similar discussions occur with business leaders centering around the best way to create learning organizations that support enterprise transformation towards business agility.

Who is ICAgile?

International Consortium for Agile (ICAgile) is a community-driven organization that consists of pioneers, experts and trusted advisors. They are a certification and accreditation body, not a training company. ICAgile helps organizations and training providers design learning experiences that cultivate an Agile mindset and enable sustainable organizational agility.

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Mastery is More than Certification

A journey to Agile mastery is more than acquiring three-letter acronyms behind your name. It is about transforming the way you fundamentally approach work within teams and organizations, and acquiring the skills (through both training and practice) that enable you to unlock your own as well as your organization’s creative potential. It starts with a mindset shift and an embrace of Agile values and principles. Building on that foundation is an exploration of Agile practices and approaches, focusing on delighting customers, and ultimately, enabling organizations to achieve competitive advantage in the marketplace.

ICAgile’s commitment to helping organizations realize the power of Agile by focusing on people, not processes, aligns with SolutionsIQ’s own mission: we believe in the boundless potential of people. The ICAgile Learning Roadmap provides us a framework for stewarding the growth of Agile practitioners around the world-first as an ICAgile Expert and then moving into ICAgile Mastery. Our partnership goes beyond being a Member Training Organization that obtains course accreditation and faculty approval. We leverage our partnership with ICAgile to explore and validate our thought leadership, and are privileged to sit at the table with other industry stalwarts as we shape the definition of Agile mastery.

Practicing What We Advocate For

Within Accenture, we’re taking our own recommendations. Our SolutionsIQ team has started with more than 3,000 Accenture employees on their ICAgile journey this year. Our plan is extend our learning journeys to the global Accenture community by the end of the year. The ICAgile Learning Roadmap is fundamental to our professional development approach. The best Agile practitioners, coaches and consultants are lifelong learners.


Start Your Journey to Mastery Today

Interested in starting your ICAgile learning journey to mastery? Check out our Agile Training Course Catalog, featuring five courses with current ICAgile accreditation, including the new workshop Intentional Agile Leadership that is accredited for the newest ICAgile Professional Certification – Agile Leadership (ICP-ALP).

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Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash