Business Agility Institute and 2019 Conference in New York

From now on, the organizations capable of outperforming competitors will do so by outlearning them. By becoming a learning organization, business can re-equip and re-energize themselves to innovate and deliver more effectively than new market entrants – while remaining open to disrupting your own products and business models to survive and thrive into the future. The future of business is now, and business agility is the way forward.

That’s why we are excited both to be a founding member of the Business Agility Institute (BAI) and also to expand our sponsorship globally at two events this year – the Business Agility Conference next week in New York City and its European counterpart in Vienna, Austria, on May 21-22!

The Business Agility Series on Agile Amped

Our Agile Amped team will be at the Business Agility Conference in New York City, capturing more content to add to our Business Agility Series. Look forward to more engaging podcasts from thought leaders, like Sandy Mamoli who we recently interviewed on the topic of holacracy.

An Agile consultant and coach with a focus on organizational culture and leadership, Mamoli is also a former Olympian, an international keynote speaker and author of “Creating Great Teams – How Self-Selection Lets People Excel.” Sandy sat down with us to explain holacracy – a way to create a truly self-organizing organization – and shares examples of it in action.

Women in Agile Pre-Conference Event

March is Women’s History Month and March 8 is International Women’s Day – but we didn’t need any reason to support the strong, charismatic women in this great community of ours. As a global sponsor for Women in Agile, a non-profit organization, we are awed and inspired by how much this movement has grown in the last few years – there are Women in Agile (WIA) chapters across the country now!

Join us at this half-day event before the Business Agility Conference in New York City to take part in the movement.

Event Description:

Great leaders come in all forms, and gender should not matter when determining if someone has the strengths and characteristics to lead employees. Feminine traits long considered as drawbacks to strong people management are the key strengths of 21st-century leadership. That’s why the new leadership approach is about far more than equality and closing the gender gap. It is about creating workplaces that stand for empowering employees and embracing a diversity of thought while shaping the next generation of leaders who can successfully guide people in an age of uncertainty and change.

Thought leader in Agile HR and past Agile Amped guest, Fabiola Eyholzer, keynotes for this WIA event, after which participants will engage in interactive activities (speed mentoring and presentation karaoke) to discuss and implement what they’ve learned.

Date: 12 March, 2019 (4pm – 8pm EST)

Location: American Management Association, 1601 Broadway, 8th Floor, NY, 10019

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