Expanding the Scope of Agile at Business Agility 2018

New York City served as the wintry stage for the second annual Business Agility conference – Business Agility 2018! This conference is important because it provides a new platform for the Agile community to interface with thought leaders and practitioners from other fields like change management and leadership development to. As a founding member of the Business Agility Institute, SolutionsIQ was proud and honored to sponsor Business Agility 2018, especially since it gave us the opportunity to close the feedback loop of what we are sensing in the community and what the community is actually trying to communicate. We did this in three different and very visible ways.

First, several SolutionsIQ senior Agile coaches and consultants served as conference facilitators who facilitated table discussions about business agility in the real world, new concepts and applications as well as road blocks and necessary mindshifts. With hundreds of attendees from companies big (IBM, GE, Target) and small, these conversations and other random interactions filled the room with excitement and camaraderie. The result was a sense that business agility had hit a tipping point and that the right players are signing up to propel the movement up and out of the armchair and into the boardroom.

Second, in the Open Space conversations we brought our own thought leadership to the fore. Brent Barton shared his knowledge and experience in a session on portfolio prioritization, which was well received.

Third, Agile Amped was on hand to capture audio podcasts. We are excited to be able to dive deep into conversations about neurophysiology; social change via workplace equality, diversity and inclusion; and improving customer journeys. Here are a few of our favorites from Business Agility 2018!

Transforming GE into a Lean Startup

Lars Bruns and Sudhir Nelvagal started working together in GE Healthcare 13 years ago. In this episode, they share their experience helping GE with their Agile transformation. GE, being a long-standing business giant with its fingerprints in virtually every infrastructure domain and every industry, is still traditional in many ways, but it is transforming itself to become a lean startup. Bruns and Nelvagal share their experiences applying innovative Agile and Lean techniques across GE’s traditional hardware and physical engineering-oriented business units. Other topics touched on include failing fast and leadership buy-in.

Modernizing Business Analysis with AI & Experiments

Angela Wick is the founder of BA-Squared and in this episode she talks about how business analysis is shifting drastically and how leaders are championing the charge. Wick discusses how important it is for business analysts to collaborate with Product Owners to focus on building the right products: “Agile can’t happen without analysis… If you’re building the wrong thing, it doesn’t matter how fast you are.” But what is really exciting to Wick is how much the world and her field is changing as a result of AI and machine learning. What might take a BA weeks to produce, algorithms today can do at a fraction of the cost and time. But the complexity in the world means that you have to pair vision with rapid experiments – and a dash of curiosity – to make sure your business is on the right path.

Agile Contracting and Procurement in the Federal Government

Joshua Seckel is an Agile coach and also Sevatec’s Chief Solution Architect for Agile and DevOps. Joshua drives the the adoption of business, technical, and management agility both internally and at client sites. His presentation at Business Agility Conference 2018 is called “Agile Contracting in the Federal Government” and in this podcast he shares his experience helping USCIS not only contract Agile teams but also to evolve the procurement process to be more Agile. With a focus on enabling experimentation and cross-department collaboration, Seckel helped stand up 20 Agile development teams who are able today to deliver to production 4-5 times a week – in a federal environment!

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