Falling For Agile Amped – Greatest Hits from Last Week’s Events!


SolutionsIQ made our fall event run last week, first to Denver, Colorado, for SAFe Summit and then to our southeastern headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, for Southern Fried Agile. In just three days, we captured 30 brand new podcasts with a whole host of guests, some returning and others gracing the stage with us for the first time. Here are just a few of our favorites from each event.

Photo credit: Scott Frost (via Twitter)

SAFe Summit

This conference was all about the Scaled Agile Framework, its founding body Scaled Agile, delivery partners like SolutionsIQ and, of course, the many clients who are benefitting from this Agile implementation approach. Agile Amped sat down with many of the key people in Scaled Agile to talk about new developments in SAFe 4.0 (and even SAFe 4.1???) as well as their aspirations for the future.

Southern Fried Agile

This event is special to us for a couple of reasons: it’s happening right in Charlotte, where we have offices, and our own Agile consultant Neville Poole was the chairperson. We were astounded by the turn-out, which was about 700 people or more! Needless to say, the momentum of Agile is growing everywhere, not the least of which is in the South! Here are a couple of our favorites.