Journey to Business Agility – with Talking Agility Podcast

John and Charlie Rudd sat down with Accenture’s Talking Agility podcast hosted by Elitza Nacheva to share some of SolutionsIQ’s Agile journey, including lessons they’ve learned along the way. Full transcript here.

The Agile approach is learn as you go and you choose that approach because you really have no other choice, so those mindshift changes, they happen one person at a time but affect an organization. When more and more people have those mindshift changes, then you start to affect the corporate culture. This is not merely business process change, it’s not a technology change, it goes deep into the organization.”

~ Charlie Rudd, Managing Director at Accenture
Former Chairman of SolutionsIQ

Read “The Third Wave of Agile” white paper by Charlie Rudd to learn more about the movements discussed in this podcast.

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