Keeping Up with the Agilists – Spring Events Roundup

Conference season is in full swing! We love this time of year because it gives us an opportunity to reconnect with the thousands of SolutionsIQ clients, and our own distributed team of coaches and consultants from coast to coast. This spring we will be in so many more places. If you plan on attending any of the following conferences, stop by and say hi! Agile Amped will be onsite at Change Management 2017 capturing video podcasts with thought leaders from the organizational management industry. Meanwhile our Agile Amped In-Depth audio-only podcasts will be onsite at Keep Austin Agile and Mile High Agile, recording deeper dives with Agile experts and luminaries.


Learn more about each event here!

Event Highlight: Change Management 2017

Change management is a crucial part of any Agile transformation, because it focuses on helping individuals transform and change in concert with the organization’s own transformational changes. The Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP) arose in direct response for the need of guidance and support for change professionals from a formal organization. It’s been six years since ACMP launched the annual Change Management conference and SolutionsIQ is again excited to participate in Change Management 2017, bringing our expertise and experience in Agility to share with this industry. This year, the three-day conference will focus on providing the tools to help change professionals, including Agilists, help their client organizations succeed. SolutionsIQ’s all-access podcast series Agile Amped will be onsite so you won’t miss any of the action! You can expect more “Inspiring Conversations” with thought leaders in the change management industry.

Podcast Highlight: High-Performing Agile Teams with Yasser Farra

“High-performing Agile teams” seems to be what everyone wants — but do you know what that means and what it takes to get there? Yasser Farra, CEO of Agile Accompli and a speaker at Keep Austin Agile, gives his perspective of high-performing teams and how to help create them. He gives us some helpful tips on team makeup and dynamics, team environment, and more. We also spend some time at the end of the episode talking about the upcoming Keep Austin Agile conference.


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